Isabella Stewart Gardner
Museum Website

Mentor: Greg Fisk
Website Concept
Inspired by the architecture and story of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Musem, the design mimics the iconic physical space and helps the user to navigate through different rooms and collections. As viewers tour different rooms, they can browse the collection in the space. The page begins with a photograph of the gallery space. Once the user scrolls down, the artwork becomes a collection against the wallpaper background.

The Dutch Room was the main crime scene from the unsolved heist. The museum has continued to leave the frames empty in the space as a reminder. To recognize the missing artwork, the stolen pieces are revealed in the empty frames as the user scrolls down the page.
“Last Seen,” a podcast that examines the case of the largest unsolved art heist in history, inspired this section of the museum collection. Acting as a special site within the larger museum website, it archives the missing works and tells the intriguing story of how thirteen irreplaceable works of art still remain undiscovered thirty years later.